Breast Augmentation for Athletes – What to Consider

Can Athletes Have Breast Augmentation? It is sometimes thought that larger breasts can cause more harm than good when it comes to participating in sports and that it’s not uncommon for athletic women to seek a breast reduction in order to exercise with less pain. However, breast implants for athletes are more common than you may Read more

The Differences Between Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty

Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty are surgical procedures that are often performed together. They can both enhance the appearance of your nose and facilitate better breathing, but they are different in terms of procedure and structural improvement. When considering what is the best nose shaping option for you, it’s best to look at both options from a medical Read more

Plastic Surgery Scholarship Essay Contest

Scholarship Details Ranch and Coast Plastic Surgery, a leading provider in cosmetic and plastic surgery, is pleased to announce they will be holding a “Ranch and Coast Plastic Surgery National Scholarship Contest”. The essay winners selected will receive a $1,200.00 scholarship.  As a respected plastic surgeon, Dr. Chasan places great value in his own education Read more

Fighting Pain In Surgery with Nerve Blocks

Nerve Blocks in Breast Surgery One of the most exciting new concepts in plastic surgery has been the recent development of regional nerve blocks for breast and abdominal surgery. These blocks require ultrasound guidance to place and last approximately 6-8 hours after surgery. That means less pain and less narcotics in the early post-operative period Read more

Papers Regarding Operative Times and Complications Can Be Misleading

We read with interest Dr Kenkel’s paper on the impact of operative time on the complications after plastic surgery.1 Although we appreciate an attempt to determine the impact of operative times on complication rates, we believe that plaintiffs’ attorneys would appreciate this study much more than any plastic surgeons. This study suggests that there is Read more