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Dr. Chasan Patient Testimonials

“Through his skilled artistry, Dr. Chasan has removed not only the ravages of time, but the childhood memories of abuse that literally stared at me in the mirror every day. His artistry has given me a new life, a gift that I can never repay. Thanks to Dr. Chasan I have the ultimate experience – he has polished the edges of the sculpture and I am now LIVING art – the art of being ME!”

“A warm thank you for being so kind, caring and patient. With these qualities you will always be successful.” Much gratitude.”

“Nobody ‘nose’ how important this surgery meant to me. You and your staff not only made me feel at ease, but excited and thrilled about my decision and my choice of surgeons. I love you guys. Oh, and for the record I think it’s perfect! It is just how I pictured it. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

“I salute the world’s greatest navel sculptor.” Thank you.”

“Thank you all so much for making my surgery such a success and such a pleasant experience! … You are such a warm and friendly bunch; you put everyone at ease right away. And your follow up care is the absolute best!”

“I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for such a wonderful job you did. It far exceeded my expectations! I am so glad I held out and waited for the best doctor. You truly are the best and it is reflected every time I look in the mirror at myself. Thank you for making me feel beautiful on the outside. It has made such a difference and I just wanted you to know that.”

“A note of thank you to you and your staff. I’m very happy I decided to choose you as my doctor. As you know, I must’ve interviewed fifteen doctors. I look forward to working with you again.” To your success and happiness.”

“You were all so wonderful to us. We feel like part of your family. Special thanks to Dr. Chasan, you have changed our lives.”
M.M. and E.G.

“We want to thank you and your staff again for taking such good care of me during illness and recovery from breast cancer. I am so deeply grateful for your support, encouragement and wonderful gift of making me beautiful again.”

“Your incredible talent as a plastic surgeon has given me the self-confidence I never had in the past. You and your staff were very supportive and helpful. I wish you and your staff continued success and happiness. Thanks again!”

“I have already gone from a size 12 to a size 8 and they are getting baggy. What more could a girl want? Keep up the excellent work!”

“It was a remarkable experience because of you… the warm welcome, the confidence you gave me, your professional spirit, your attention to quality and your sincere caring made it an unbelievable experience for me.”

“Many thanks for your wonderful skills… I intend to have lots of fun with my new face!!”

“Thank you for your care and professionalism. I felt I was in very capable hands and the procedure was much easier than I had anticipated. If the occasion arises to recommend your office in the future, I will certainly do so!”

“It is only right that I should thank you for the happy results of my recent cosmetic surgery. Everything was first class and I think you are the Very Best cosmetic surgeon in town!!”

“I wanted you to know how happy I am with my surgery and how it has changed my life! You are a wonderful surgeon!! Your staff gave more than above and beyond care and attention… from the kind words to after surgery phone calls. I can’t thank all of you enough. I will pass on your good name!!”

“Thank you for making this a most pleasurable experience. I could not have made a better choice in the people I chose to handle my procedure. I am very happy!”

Dr. Marin Patient Testimonials

“OMG!! My boobs look absolutely unbelievable!!! I cant thank you enough for making this experience so wonderful.  Your work is impeccable! From the first phone call, you and your staff have been so caring and fun and have treated me with the utmost respect. You addressed all my questions and concerns with patience and understanding and made me feel extremely comfortable and special. Thank you for making an extremely important judgment call while I was on the surgical table as to what size looked best on my frame. I trusted you and you chose the absolutely PERFECT size for me. I couldn’t be happier.  Every time I look at these gorgeous boobs I say “Damn, I love Dr. Marin!!” You will be my plastic surgeon for life and I’ve already recommended you to everyone I know. You guys have made this one of the best experiences of my life and I’ll be forever grateful.”
AM, San Diego, CA

Dr. Marin is a magician, I wake up happy every day now!”
LG, Sacramento, CA

Words fail to adequately convey how grateful and genuinely happy I am with your work. …and I couldn’t have imagined it coming out any better. This has been the BEST pampering I have ever done for myself! I could not be happier, thank you! Dr. Marin, you are an incredibly gifted surgeon/artist. I cannot stop sharing with my close friends about what an amazing job you did. I will recommend you to everyone I know looking; You and your team were caring, concerned, efficient, comforting, and just all around incredible. Everyone made me feel so warmly welcomed and well taken care of at each stage of this process. You truly have a superb team and eden-esque ambience; definitely unique, discreet, and one of a kind!”
AF, San Diego

“Wow! Voila? Bingo! or “D” all of the above! Loving your work…. Thank you, thank you! You chose the perfect everything for me! Merry X-Mas and best for a great 2009!”
MJ, Wilson, WY

“My surgeon Dr. Vincent Marin far exceeded my expectations. Three months ago I had breast augmentation and rhinoplasty performed on the same day and could not have asked for a better team of highly trained professionals to help guide me through the process. My surgeries turned out beautifully and I was very well taken care of.”

“My rhinoplasty and breast augmentation surgeries were performed by Dr. Vincent Marin and it truly was a life changing experience. I knew that after first meeting with him at my consultation that I wanted him to perform my surgeries. His down to earth attitude and artistic craftsmanship far exceeded my expectations and put any fears that I had of “going under the knife” at ease. I feel more beautiful and comfortable with myself than I have ever felt and I have him to thank for that. I would recommend anyone considering plastic surgery of any kind to choose Dr. Vincent Marin, he will take good care of you and you will be amazed at the end results!!!”“My first initial consultation was with Dr. Vincent Marin. He put me at such ease during the consultation that I knew it was worth it to take the trip to California to have him perform my surgeries and I am so very thankful that I found this amazing doctor and perfectionist.”

“Dr. Marin is a fantastic surgeon and was able to answer any questions or concerns I had. He made me feel very comfortable and relaxed and that was very important to me. He was true to his word on making me happy with my results.”

“I love Dr Marin, he was always very caring and calming, great and easy to talk to. He understood what I was looking for and helped guide me through the process. I’d recommend him to everyone!!!”

“I didn’t know that a doctor could be so compassionate and in tune to a patient’s needs and concerns… I know that being accomplished at what you do is just part of your routine, but I was impressed by the fact that you can make a person feel like their case really matters to you. I am amazed at how well the surgery turned out and am so thankful that I was so fortunate as to have a surgeon as skilled as you are. I wish I could thank you enough.” ~ KM, Nashville, TN“I cannot even begin to express how satisfied and impressed I was with Dr. Marin. I would bore whoever had to read this if I did! Dr. Marin was always attentive, always answered all my questions (despite how strange they were or how much time I had kept him from my allotted time spot). From the start, he made me feel safe and I love how he wasn’t one of those doctors who says, “yup, we can do it!”. He really makes you consider your options pertaining to you as an individual. I stubbornly wanted more CC’s but he really made me think about how it would fit and look on ME. He is honest, genuine, and exhibits a true passion for his art and is able to see each patient as an individual, not simply as another face or pair of boobs to fix. I have recommended him to anyone who even expresses an interest in cosmetic surgery and have referred 3 people to him. I can’t wait for my next “improvement” procedure because it will, without a doubt, be with Dr. Marin!”

“Dr. Marin made the whole experience very positive. He made me feel very relaxed and calm throughout the process. He was professional, yet fun! He kindly and patiently answered all my questions and concerns. My results far exceeded my expectations, and I am very grateful!”

“Thank you so much for all that you have done for me… making sure everything was set up just perfectly, calling to check on me, and doing a great job. This experience has been very pleasant from the moment I contacted your office. Thank you so much for taking such great care of me. I can’t thank you enough!”
AC, Grapevine, TX

“Thank you so much for both the care you gave me as your patient, as well as trying to understand my concern regarding the results of my surgery…I really appreciate the time you spent with me.”
BW, Fort Worth, TX

“I especially appreciate your patience and personal attention… You were clear and thoughtful in your descriptions, and made sure I understood the process…. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the time you took when understanding and learning about my expectations….I am more than thrilled with the results… I feel blessed by the whole experience.”
EK, San Angelo, TX

“You certainly did a GREAT job. I am really pleased with the outcome and I thank you for your ability to please the patient. I had no doubts and I wanted to let you know, YOU DID GOOD!”
LP, Irving, TX

“You have changed my life… I am forever grateful.”
JM, Dallas, TX

“I appreciate your skills in correcting my problem areas. I’m thankful you were able to stabilize my nose after finding the fracture unexpectedly. I am thrilled that my knees now look as they once did! I’m so comfortable with the changes you made in the areas fat had deposited. My clothes are now fitting nicely now, as they once did. I love the improvement you made to my lips, and easing the lines on my face. I will look forward to future visits to San Diego, and you, for continued improvements.”
AP, Goliad, TX

“Thank you so very much for the outstanding work you did on my nose. I am noticing the improving changes as you mentioned. I am pleased with the outcome so far, and I am very happy that I chose you as my surgeon. I am deeply grateful for your expertise and professionalism.”
SS, Carlsbad, CA

“You’re awesome! Thank you so much for making everything better. I am very grateful!”
MM, Dallas, TX

“Thank you for the amazing work and support. You are the BEST doctor I have met!”
EB, San Diego, CA

“Thank you Dr. Marin for your expertise, attention to detail, and making me feel comfortable through the process of my surgery!”
ED, Solana Beach, CA

“My wife and I have been truly blessed by you and by your dedication to your profession and your patients… Each time we walked away from your office my wife and I talked about your patience and willingness to spend time with us.”
PP, Midland, TX

“My wife is doing great!! She is going to look like a model or a movie star!!! Dr. Marin performs miracles!!!”
JN, Cedar Hill, TX

“Thank you so much for both the care you gave me as your patient, as well as trying to understand my concerns…I really appreciate the time you spent with me.”
BW, Dallas, TX

“Just wanted to say thank you for taking such good care of my sweet mom! She felt so at ease with you performing the surgery.”
KW, New York, NY

“Dr. Marin put me at such ease during the consultation that I knew it was worth it to take the trip to California to have him perform my surgeries and I am so thankful that I found this amazing doctor and perfectionist.”

“Dr. Marin is true to his word on making me happy with my results.”

“After my near 3 hour consultation, I knew that I had to look no further. Dr. Marin and all other staff were attentive, informative, and really made me feel safe and secure!”

“I’d recommend Dr. Marin to everyone!”

“Dr. Marin is honest, genuine, and exhibits a true passion for his art and is able to see each patient as an individual, not simply as another face or pair of boobs to fix.”

“My wife and I have truly blessed by Dr. Marin and by his dedication to his profession and his patients…”

“Just wanted to say thank you to Dr. Marin for taking such good care of my sweet mom!”